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Root Canals

root canals procedure in kirkland, wa

Endodontic solutions save your teeth and end your pain

Root canals haven’t always had the greatest reputation, but today they are nothing to fear. Advances in dentistry have eliminated the pain and unpleasantness formerly involved with the procedure. Most patients report that a root canal was no more painful than a typical cavity filling.

Modern root canals are endodontic solutions designed to save teeth where infection extends all the way into the root and bone. Rather than causing pain, root canals put an end to the pain associated with badly decayed and infected teeth. Root canals also save your teeth from needing to be extracted.

When a tooth becomes very painful, this is a sign that infection has extended all the way to the chamber of nerves (or “root canal”) at the center of your tooth. This chamber of nerves is also called the “pulp”. At this point, intervention with a root canal is needed or you will experience a painful progression of the infection, ultimately resulting in the loss of your tooth and infection of the bone surrounding your teeth.

Once the decay and infected nerve tissue is removed, the small chamber is filled so that the tooth will not hurt again. During the filling of the canal, Dr. Everett will use the most advanced obturation methods, which ensures a good seal even in cases of narrow and complex canals. Following the root canal, Dr. Everett or Dr. Greene will restore your tooth to full strength using a crown.