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Botox; The Miracle Treatment for Headaches and Sore Jaw Muscles?

BotoxWhile Botox® has long had a world-class reputation for treating facial wrinkles and preventing future skin lines, few are aware of its growing use as treatment for headaches and other jaw pain issues including Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders.  According to the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), “When placed into facial muscles afflicted with soreness and discomfort, Botox® relieves TMJ and jaw tension for many patients”. Both men and women alike are benefiting from the discomfort-relieving effects that Botox® provides.  Due to the prevalence of TMJ disorders and intense teeth clenching / grinding habits, Botox® treatment is becoming increasingly more common for dentists to offer as an effective, alternative form of treatment.

Botox® treatment for tension headaches and jaw muscle soreness takes only minutes to administer, and begins providing relief within just days.  Since Botox® is not a permanent treatment, it is very common for patients to try Botox® once and to see for themselves if they like the results.  As Dr. Gentling from Kirkland Family Dentistry adds, “I can count on one hand the number of patients who have elected to stop Botox® treatment.  The vast majority of patients continue using it due to its profound success in decreasing jaw muscle pain and tension headaches.”  Kirkland Family Dentistry is one dental office in Western Washington streamlining the process of delivering regular Botox® treatments by offering the 5-10 minute treatment following regular dental cleanings.  This alleviates the need for someone to go elsewhere during the busy workweek to receive the life-changing benefits that Botox® provides.

BotoxBotox® can be very effective in decreasing teeth clenching and grinding for patients who have trouble wearing a night-guard or who clench their teeth while sleeping.   While many people are not aware that they grind their teeth at night, the long-term effects can be detrimental.  One common way to know if you are damaging your teeth at night is to ask your spouse if they hear your teeth grinding or ‘popping’ during your sleep. Waking up with jaw muscle tension or pain is common among nighttime teeth grinders and is effectively alleviated with regular Botox® treatment. Kirkland Family Dentistry is currently giving free Botox® consultations for new patients as a thank you to the community for voting them best dentist in Kirkland for the third year in a row.  Give them a call today at 425-822-0435 to schedule a quick and easy consultation.