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Root Canals: Are They Painful?

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for a lot of people. Just getting teeth cleaned with those intimidating sharp metal picks is enough to scare many, especially children. And people of all ages are downright terrified of two little words: root canal. Everybody, from scared little kids to hard-working, responsible adults to […]

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What Type of Teeth Whitening Is Best for Me?

Believe it or not, white teeth can have a significant impact on your professional or social life. Recent studies concluded that having whiter teeth lead to an increased likelihood that someone would get a job offer (and a better salary offer!), as well as a shot at a second date. With several different whitening products […]

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Stop Grinding Your Teeth!

Have you ever caught yourself grinding your teeth and wondered why you’re doing it? Has your dentist ever mentioned to you that you’re grinding your teeth and you never noticed? Here’s some simple solutions for you to stop grinding your teeth straight from our Kirkland, Washington dental practice. Teeth grinding, or Bruxism in medical terminology, […]

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